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Our Equipment

Each airbrush specialist, at Vancouver Spray Tan, uses the Apollo Sun Mist Tanning System. This system uses the HVLPsun’s™ high performance T5020 Mist Applicator which is ideal for apply tanning solutions evenly and efficiently.

We choose these machines because they offer variable spray speeds which allows for easier contouring while using limited full body application.

These machines, unlike cheaper brands on the market, allow for maximum control when applying uniform coverage on each of our clients. End results are a better looking tan.



  Our Products

Vancouver Spray Tan chooses to use tanning products provided by React Cosmetics. This consists of their 8 and 10% DHA liquid airbrush solution.

React Cosmetics are well-known for the high quality of their solutions. The entire product line is painstakingly fine tuned to provide the perfect blend of beauty and performance providing an optimal sunless tanning experience.

Their product line utilizes advanced penetrating agents which facilitate rapid solution absorption into the skin, ensuring production of a uniform, streak-free, enduring tan. Each solution blend is perfectly pH balanced for optimal color development.

Smooth and even application with, airbrush, LVLP and HVLP spraying systems, producing a delicate non-clouding mist, that dries in minutes.

Alcohol and oil free, formulation hydrates and moisturizes the skin, counteracting the dehydration effects of DHA, and nurturing natural and gradual fading.



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